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Last modified November 26, 2020 08:09

About INSAM Topics

When logging in to you will get into the most recent INSAM home page that is written four times a year by Kees Stigter as INSAM founding president. He will appreciate to receive your comments and suggestions. He is assisted by Dr. Federica Rossi as the INSAM web site moderator (the Web Editor) and the principal INSAM technical expert Mr. Massimiliano Magli, both in Bologna. There are now also Spanish and Farsi versions available of the home page texts, provided by respectively Dr. Roger E. Rivero Vega and Ismabel Dominguez Hurtado (both from Cuba) and Dr. Sayed Masood Mostafavi Darani (Iran). Other people may want to do this for other languages. [Please contact the president.]

Also on the home page you will find a column along the home page text that will give you access to all other issues that we deal with.

Grouped under “ABOUT INSAM”, there first is "Society information", where you will find names and e-mail addresses of the founding president, the founding vice-president, the Web site moderator, the additional vice-presidents, the additional correspondents, the INSAM founding members and the corporate member contact persons. You can also find there an interview with the president.

We want to receive your comments on the contents of this interview and your input on objectives and goals that you think that INSAM should have and on what it could possibly do for you.

You will also find under “Society Information” a short history of INSAM by the president: INSAM, a market place on the web for agrometeorologists. There is also an introduction by the president on why to become a member of INSAM and on what we do expect from members of INSAM.

Under "INSAM Origin of INSAM" we have now some information on the past of attempts to unite agrometeorologists and to make it possible to have better contacts with each other and on the intentions of INSAM.

Under "Links" you will find URL to interesting sites about or related to agrometeorology. [Send proposals for entries to the Web Editor.]

Grouped under “NEWS”, there first is "What's new”, where you will find hot items of interest that have recently come up. We would appreciate your inputs. Subsequently there is a section "News and Highlights" for which you can also submit information on agrometeorological issues, happenings and other news in agrometeorology. [Send items you might have for these topics to the Web Editor.] Under "Meetings, Congresses, Conferences & Training" information is provided on such forthcoming events. This may include courses that are given annually and they should be announced annually. [Send items for inclusion again to the Web Editor well in advance, as early as possible.] The "Call for papers" speaks for itself [Idem.] Under “Vacancies” you will find information on employment possibilities for agrometeorologists. [Again, send items for inclusion to the Web Editor well in advance, as early as possible.]

We have recently proposed a new topic called “job demands”. We want to expand with the possibility for members to offer themselves for certain jobs. We think that applicants for any job they have in mind should sincerely and clearly describe their motivations and signify the image of their future work. We do not want to prescribe the way one should advertise oneself on our web site. However, we say explicitly that INSAM does not want its members to just write which job they would like to have in any direction of agrometeorology. We want to advertise those who want to work in support of development of farming systems and farmers in their countries and elsewhere and those who want to cope with directly or indirectly climate-induced environmental hazards threatening residents of mostly the poorer regions and their agricultural production. You have all now been acquainted with where INSAM stands for. Having farmers and farming progressing by the use of (and related training on) the relevant mixture of local knowledge, science and appropriate design, implementation and enforcement of the necessary policies, to solve existing problems. If you look at our “hands on training for response farming” catalogue, you find the many subjects we are talking here about. Do you want work in those directions? Then let us know the details of your job requirements from the contents point of view and give an e-mail address or URL link where your CV and other details can be obtained/found. So far we have not obtained enough response.

Under "MEMBERSHIP SERVICES" we provide the possibility to become a member of INSAM. This is free of charge, because we are a fully web based organization. You will find the required form there. Once being a member, the “Members Section” gives you access to the membership address list and to the membership statistics. Under ”Forgot membership information?” you can retrieve what you need to get access again while “Change your membership information” gives the possibility to give new e-mail addresses and/or new whereabouts for the membership list. This is essential when you find INSAM worth visiting!


Under "Agromet Market Place", started April 2003, you can bring up issues in agrometeorology for public discussion and scrutinizing. We once started with two short stories on the "Scope of agricultural meteorology" and the "Importance of Agricultural Meteorology", but many issues followed since. Please contribute with comments on these or any other issues you deem important. Have a look at what we put under that heading so far!

Under “Online weather and climate information for agrometeorologists” we very recently started to give you access to NASA material that you might want to study and use.

The “”Hands on” Training for Response Farming” collection speaks for itself. If you have items for inclusion, send them to the president.

Under “Selected Bibliography”, since 2006 the Web Editor is collecting important recent publications in agrometeorology to assist you in staying informed in your fields of work.

Under "Agrometeorological Societies & Committees" we list such organizations, wherever they function, with contact persons and addresses. [Send proposals for entries to the Web Editor.]

Under "Working Groups in operation" we give information on Working Groups in Agrometeorology or related subjects, their actual subjects, their (short) history and their contact person(s) (and contact language), that are functioning anywhere in the world. [Send items for inclusion to the Web Editor.]

Under "Accounts of Operational Agrometeorology" we publish short accounts on successful operational applications and services in agrometeorology (public (e.g. NMHSs) and private), as well as on action support systems (data, research, policies, extension), that are suitable for further dissemination, or on publications that are holding such accounts. [Discuss items for this section with the president.]

Under "Needs for agrometeorological solutions to farming problems" we have discussions on problems for which operational solutions with agrometeorological components are highly required, but not yet or incompletely available, or available but not applied. Here pre-publication information may be exchanged and experiences swapped on possible services, research, training/extension and policies related to food security, on-farm and market related. [Discuss items for this section with the president.]

Under "History of Agrometeorology" we publish short accounts of the history of agrometeorology in countries, organizations (such as NMHSs), institutes (research as well as education), journals etc.. This may also be life and work of important agrometeorologists, history of important inventions/ instruments/equations/courses etc. in agrometeorology. [Discuss items for this section with the president.]

Under "Journals with agrometeorological components" we list scientific journals that publish papers on aspects of agrometeorology. [Send proposals for inclusion, with a description of agrometeorological components of these journals, to the president.]

Assisted by valuable searching of agrometeorologists from the countries concerned we have collected under “National periodicals of interest to agrometeorologists” valuable information on periodicals that will also appear in 2009 in an Appendix of the WMO/CAgM Guide to Agricultural Meteorological Practices (GAMP). [Additions for countries not yet occurring may be sent to the Web Editor.]

Books in Agrometeorology” wants to signal new book publications, with or without a review or abstract of the contents. [Send items for inclusion to the Web Editor.]

Under “Draft 3rd Ed. GAMP (2007)” you find the double peer reviewed draft version of the WMO/CAgM Guide to Agricultural Meteorological Practices as produced between 2003 and 2007 by a large number (181) of contributors and reviewers under its Editor-in-Chief Kees Stigter.

Under "New information for agrometeorologists" we mention relevant new web sites (before they become only routine links), data bases, software, CDs, trends, issues and other information in agrometeorology [Send items for inclusion to the Web Editor.]

Environment and Sustainability” is a recently opened topic that widens again our outlook.

Software Tools useful in Agrometeorology” introduces you to helpful software available to agrometeorologists.

Under “All India crop situation” we supply on a weekly basis the advanced agrometeorological advisories information that is given for the whole of the country by the Indian Meteorological Department in Pune. Other countries may want to follow this example. [Send items for inclusion to the Web Editor.]

The “INSAM homepage texts from 2004 onwards” (also in Spanish and some in Farsi) reproduce the home pages that were written since 2004 by the president.

Under “Suggestions for further subjects in agrometeorology” that should have a section on this Web site, we want to list suggestions from members for discussion on their inclusion. The discussions could include priority setting in the development of agrometeorological services supporting action, agrometeorological action support systems on mitigating impacts of disasters, and their overall support systems (data, research, education/training/extension, policies) [Send proposals to the president.]

Under "Translation" ("Spanish translations") certain topics now also occur in Spanish (click on "Spanish"), largely provided by Dr. Roger E. Rivero Vega (Cuba). Ismabel Dominguez Hurtado (Cuba) also participates with a team. Other people may want to do this for other languages. [Please contact the president.]

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