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Society Information

Last modified October 27, 2016 09:15

International Society for Agricultural Meteorology Information

Current President: Prof. René Gommes


INSAM Steering Committee (May 2014)

Darani, Dr. Sayed Masoud Mostafavi (, correspondent

Das, Dr. Haripada P. (, vice-president

Dominguez Hurtado, Ismabel, M.Sc. (, correspondent

Huda, Prof. Samsul (, vice-president

Kollimath, Udayakumar (, correspondent

Lee, Dr. Byong, (, president CAgM/WMO

Magli, Massimiliano (, web master

Murthy, Prof. Vasiraju R.K. (, correspondent

Rahimi, Dr. Mohammad (, correspondent

Rivera Vega, Dr. Roger E. (, vice-president

Rossi, Dr. Federica (, web editor

Stigter, Prof. Kees (C.J.) (, founding president


INSAM, a market place on the web for agrometeorologists (earlier version also available in Spanish and Farsi)

Why become a member and what do we expect from members of INSAM? (available in English and Spanish)


Founding members of INSAM

In our initiating letter on INSAM, widely disseminated (most recently also in Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, Vol. 123 (1/2), 2004, pp. 121 - 123), we offered founding memberships to colleagues that wanted to support us with a one time donation of at least 70 Euro (or the equivalent in dollars) and corporate membership to organizations supplying a one time donation of 500 Euro (or the equivalent in dollars). For the above purposes we are asking to forward this letter to as many colleagues in agrometeorology that you think may be interested to become a "founding member" by sending 70 Euro (or 500 Euro for corporate founding members) to the following account:

Acc. Nr.
with ABN AMRO Bank Zaltbommel, Netherlands in the name of Prof. C.J. Stigter, President of INSAM
Agromet Vision
Groenestraat 13, 5314 AJ Bruchem, The Netherlands



We have at present six corporate memberships of INSAM:

Banner WMO
FAO Banner FAO

Campbell Scientific. Campbell Scientific was pleased to join INSAM as a founding corporate member. Since 1974 Campbell Scientific has been a supplier of innovative measurement instrumentation in agricultural meteorology and related areas. You can visit their web site at, where you can click on "contact us" to find which of their affiliates can best serve you.

Banner Campbell Scientific
The Instituto de Meteorologia, Lisboa, Portugal, with the contact Banner Instituto de Meteorologia

Eijkelkamp Agrisearch Equipment BV, an international company that supplies a complete range of equipment for environmental and agricultural research, is a corporate member of INSAM. Eijkelkamp's e+ sensors are versatile 1, 2, or 3-channel dataloggers for measuring climatological, environmental and technical variables. Connected to the e-SENSE field modem, your measurement data or alarms are transferred to a database, which is in your own PC or on a data site accessible via the Internet.

Banner Eijkelkamp Agrisearch Equipment

AGROMET VISION, a one-man private consultancy bureau registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce with Kees Stigter, as the contact person. For advisories on agricultural research and extension management issues. And for feasibility, assessment and evaluation studies in all fields of agrometeorology, as well as on higher and vocational education collaboration, in agricultural development projects.

Banner AgrometVision


The following is the complete list of founding members alphabetically by country and within a country. If the e-mail address has not been given, please submit this to us soonest.


Lindita Leka
Petrit Zorba

Samsul Huda

Josef Eitzinger

Rogério Remo Alfonsi
Homero Bergamaschi
Orivaldo Brunini
Galileo Adeli Buriol
Eduardo Delgado Assad
Marisa de Oliveira Agendes
Arno Bernardo Heldwein
Anice Garcia
Jurandir Jullo Junior
Jesus Marden dos Santos
Ronaldo Matzenauer
Altino Aldo Ortolani
Marcelo Bento Paes de Camargo
Mário José Pedro Junior
José Ricardo Macedo Pezzopane
Gilberto Rocca da Cunha
Fernando Silveira da Mota
Hílton Silveira Pinto
Sílvio Steinmetz
Clóvis Alberto Volpe
Therezinha Xavier Bastos

Wolfgang Baier
Murray Brown
Ken King

China Agricultural University Department of Agrometeorology. Contact person Prof. Zheng Dawei
Zheng Dawei
Research Center for Agrometeorology and Remote Sensing Application.
Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences. Contact person Prof. Wang Shili.

Wei Yurong

Roger E. Rivero Vega
Ismabel Dominguez Hurtado

Stelios Pashiardis

Derk Rijks

Bernard Gomez

Jans Bobert
Hans Friesland
Franz-Josef Löepmeier

Zoltan Dunkel

Graziella Cristoferi
René Gommes
Giampiero Maracchi
Federica Rossi

Harapina Das
K.N. Krishna Kumar
Vasiraju Radha Krishna Murthy
Pagadala V. Vara Prasad

D. Rajakumar



Ajit Govind

Amka Eliyani
PERHIMPI (Association of Indonesian Agrometeorologists). Contact person Dr. Rizaldi Boer
Rizaldi Boer



Sayed Masoud Mostafavi Darani

AGMET, Joint Working Group on Applied Agricultural Meteorology. Contact person dr.Denis Fitzgerald
Tom Keane

Zipora Gat

Taichi Maki


David K. Musembi


Kim Joon


Yeong-Sang Jung


Song Youngbae


Yun Jin Il



Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmad Ainuddin Nuruddin (Universiti Putra Malaysia)




Geert Sterk


Kees Stigter


Leo Stroosnijder


TTMI/African Network & Asian Picnic Model Project (APMP) Liaison Office


Jon Wieringa




Jim Salinger




Biodun Okekunle

Akinyemi Gabriel Omonijo



Arif Goheer

Jaime Ferreira
Miguel de Castro Neto
Jorge Maia
Isaurindo Oliveira

Pavol Nejedlik

Sue Walker

Stephan Steyn

Hussein S. Adam
Amal H. Adam
Ali M. Adeeb
Ahmed E. Mohammed
Habibala A. Mohamed
A/Mutalib Zakran
Nageeb Ibrahim Bakheit

Mannava Sivakumar
Momadou Saho

Ian Barrie
Andy Morse

Gerald Arkin
Gerrit Hoogenboom
Ray Motha
Al Weiss

James Milford


Dr. Wolfgang Baier (Canada) sponsored one additional founding member from a developing country. Prof. Ahmed Eltayeb Mohammed, Prof. Hussein S. Adam and Dr. Nawal K. Nasr Al-amin, all from Sudan, did jointly the same for ten other additional founding members from developing countries.

We are profusely thanking you all for your contributions and your interest taken in INSAM. Now we are expecting your participation in the Website.

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