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Guide to Agrometeorological Practices

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Agricultural meteorology is concerned with the meteorological, hydrological, pedological and biological factors that affect agricultural production and with the interaction between agriculture and the environment. Its objectives are to elucidate these effects and to assist farmers in preparing themselves by applying this supportive knowledge and information in agrometeorological practices and through agrometeorological  services.  In  the thirteenth session of the Commission for Agricultural Meteorology, held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, in 2002, the Commission endorsed the approach in the discussion paper and decided that an Expert Team will prepare the Guide to Agricultural Meteorological Practices. Its members were C.J. Stigter (Lead), H.P. Das (India), Anice Garcia (Brazil), Vasiraju R.K. Murthy (India), Byong Lee (Republic of Korea) and Robert Stefanski (WMO).  The principal aim of the Guide to Agricultural Meteorological Practices is to provide, in a convenient form, information regarding the practices and procedures that are of the greatest importance in agricultural meteorology

  Guide to Agricultural Practices

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