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South Asian Forum on Agriculture Meteorology (SAFOAM)

Last modified July 12, 2021 08:10

South Asia is highly prone to extreme weather events and weather aberrations that frequently cut across national borders and result in major impacts on crops and live-stocks. Repeated exposure to such hazards and climatic variability often pushes the poor, particularly rural poor engaged in agricultural activities, into chronic poverty. This is likely to get worse with climate variability and change. Yet, in most countries in SAR, despite demand, access to weather based information services is limited and the monitoring, forecasting, technical human resource capabilities and organizational arrangements that contribute to the supply of such information products and services, are not adequately in place.  Because all the countries in South Asia are heavily dependent on agriculture, there is an urgent need to strengthen agrometeorological services in all of them.

 To address the issues South Asian Forum on Agricultural Meteorology (SAFOAM) was launched on 9th February, 2021. The salient objective of the Forum is to bring together various functionaries working in area of agrometeorology to;

·         Share information about national Agromet advisory services including outreach & challenges of these services

·         Sharing common strategic mission & vision in adaptation & mitigation of future challenges of weather and climate on agriculture

·         Innovative approach in management of weather & climate hazards and extreme events to promote greater resilience in agriculture

·         Identify priority areas like use of reliable and timely sub-seasonal to seasonal forecast in agriculture, use of remote sensing on operational agrometeorology services etc. to strengthen regional collaboration and;

·         Discuss and establish institutional arrangements needed to sustain and scale up ongoing national and regional efforts in the delivery of agromet services.

Based on the discussion and the useful recommendations made in launching meeting following six thematic areas have been identified.

1. Present Status and existing strategies for meeting the need, gaps, requirements etc. for operational Agromet Advisory Services in South Asian Countries. (Proceedings of core group-I)

2.Administration/Constitution/ By Laws/ Finance etc. for SAFOAM.(Proceedings of core group-II)

 3.Utilisation of satellite derived products in Agromet Advisory Services for South Asian Countries.(Proceedings of core group-III). 

4.Web Portal for South Asia Forum on Agricultural Meteorology (Proceedings of core group-IV"). 

5. New Dimension of Agromet Advisory Services in hill region in South Asian Countries (Proceedings of core group-V)

6. Build capacity in ICT program management and also build such cadre and mentor them for ensuring continuity of Agromet success and innovation sustenance (Proceedings of core group-VI).

7. Recomendation (Recomendations)

In order to prepare the concept paper and work plan under SAFOAM, six Core Groups have been formed with leader, advisor and members from different countries in South Asia. Six Core Group meetings with the above themes were organised from 13th February to 20th March, 2021 for steering activities of South Asia Forum on Agricultural Meteorology (SAFOAM). All the above meetings were very successful and a number of distinguished personalities across the South Asian Region participated and contributed on the respective themes.

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