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Mother Dairy, IL&FS tie up to sell organic compost

Last modified January 11, 2016 08:39

Business Line. New Delhi, 08 January 2016.

Mother Dairy, whose about 400 Safal outlets in the Delhi-NCR region sell vegetables and fruits, juices, pulses, and spices, will now sell organic compost made by IL&FS Environment to households and farmers. “In the next two-three months, we hope to take this compost to about 5,000 farmers who work with us on a daily basis,” said Nagarajan S, Managing Director, Mother Dairy Fruits& Vegetables Private Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of National Dairy Development Board. Under the strategic tie-up, Mother Dairy will give back-end support to IL&FS Environment and will follow the concept of a “circular economy” by loading trucks that bring fruits and vegetables from farmers in the NCR region with organic compost, Nagarajan told, adding that this would also save transportation costs. The compost, Home Garden, is rich in humus and has over 12 per cent organic carbon content, necessary for long-term soil health, said Mahesh Babu, Managing Director, IL&FS Environment, adding that “65 per cent of soil in India does not contain organic carbon, which destroys its ability to retain moisture”. Claiming that the compost would give 20-25 per cent higher yield to farmers after three crop cycles, Babu said it would later also lead to reduction in the use of urea, as also cut down on emission of methane, a greenhouse gas.

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