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Pakistan Panel on Climate Change

Last modified March 14, 2016 15:52

PPCC Charter – An outcome of Adhoc PPCC Committee

The work for the preparation of Charter of Pakistan Panel on Climate Change has been completed successfully in 3rd meeting of Adhoc PPCC Committee held on 2nd March 2016 at FPCCI Capital Office Islamabad. The committee has produced an excellent outcome in the form of PPCC Charter, in a shortest possible time through its extraordinary efforts spread over 6 weeks and by holding its three meetings along-with two sessions of its Task Force that was constituted to support the committee’s work. The Chairman of Ad-hoc PPCC (Pakistan Panel on Climate Change) Committee Professor Dr. Muhammad Irfan Khan has said that the best system has been developed by taking into account global experiences while developing system for PPCC on the model of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. He further said that Pakistan Panel on Climate Change is a kind of unique and first national level arrangement introduced in the world by Sustainable Development Centre, Islamabad.


The PPCC Charter includes title, definitions, vision, mission, objectives and governance rules including memberships with a robust system, and having inclusive philosophy in the form of a dynamic alliance Steering Committee mechanism of all relevant stakeholders comprising of Civil Society Organizations (4 seats), Academia (3 seats), Leading Corporate Entities (1 seat), Trade and Business as well as other Associations (2 seats), media organization (1 seat), government representation (1 Ex-officio seat) and provision of an Independent Observer Organization on the criteria of having mandate of contributor and watchdog for upholding democratic principles of participation, inclusion transparency and accountability. It is pertinent to mention that the Ad-hoc PPCC Committee, comprising of eight members (including Chair and Convener), was constituted and entrusted by the Plenary of first stakeholders’ consultative workshop held on 13th January, 2016 at Institute of Policy Studies, Islamabad, and started work under SDC-Notification- PPCC-1/2016 dated 21st January 2016.


The PPCC work will focus on national climate change context by taking into account regional factors and the flagship output will be the “Periodic Assessment Report on State of Climate Change in Pakistan” which will be produced through simultaneous efforts of finally approved four Working Groups under the structural arrangement provided in the Charter. The report is expected to cover comprehensive dimensions of sectoral economies where all stakeholders would get benefit out of it in the context of changing patterns of climate change which has a major threat for Pakistan as a recipient despite its contribution towards Climate Change is insignificant.


The mandate of WG-I is Governance and Advocacy, WG-II will work for Climate Change Vulnerability, Impacts and Adaptation, WG-III has the mandate of Climate Change Mitigation and WG-IV has been given the mandate to work for knowledge management, awareness raising, capacity building and outreach. The mandate of each working group will be supported by a Convener and a Co-convener along-with a team of 7 - 10 expert members. The Secretary General will be the Chief Executive / Programme Director who preside over the Executive Committee. The work of Executive Committee will be oversight by a Steering Committee headed by a President. The General Assembly of the PPCC will be comprised of members from the categories of strategic, corporate and association memberships, and headed by the Chairperson who will also serve as custodian of the PPCC Charter.



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Focal Person: Kanwar Muhammad Javed Iqbal (Mr.)

Organization: Sustainable Development Centre

91-A, Street 18, F-11/2, Islamabad – Pakistan
Tel – +92 51 8359934 Cell: +92 300 9740966
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