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Grouped under “NEWS”, there first is "What's new”, where you will find hot items of interest that have recently come up. Subsequently there is a section "News and Highlights" for which you can submit information on agrometeorological issues, happenings and other news in agrometeorology. [Send items you might have to the Web Editor.] Under "Meetings, Congresses, Conferences & Training" information is provided on such forthcoming events. This may include courses that are given annually and they should be announced annually. [Send items for inclusion to the Web Editor well in advance, as early as possible.] The "Call for papers" speaks for itself [Idem.] Under “Vacancies” you will find information on employment possibilities for agrometeorologists. [Again, send items for inclusion to the Web Editor well in advance, as early as possible.]

All the INSAM news

AgM+net workshop (SERBIA FOR EXCELL) — Última modificación 05/03/2018 09:59
SERBIA FOR EXCELL is pleased to announce its AgM+net Workshop at Faculty of Agriculture, University of Novi Sad, Novi Sad, Serbia, in June 25-29 2018.
Kees Stigter obituary — Última modificación 26/08/2016 09:38
Obituary of Prof Cornelis Johan “Kees” Stigter (1940-2016)
Strong monsoon forecast lifts growth prospects — Última modificación 12/05/2016 09:01
The Financial Express. New Delhi, 11 May 2016
Can we read the climate crystal ball? — Última modificación 26/04/2016 09:07
By Fred Pearce on April 19, 2016. New science provides evidence of the need to strengthen small holders’ resilience strategies than trying to predict future climate scenarios.
Drone for accurate assessment of crop loss — Última modificación 15/04/2016 13:56
Deccan Herald. Chandigarh, 13 April 2016.
Ahead of IMD, government predicts normal monsoon rains — Última modificación 15/04/2016 13:54
The Financial Express. New Delhi, 13 April 2016
Climate Change Job Vacancies Update - 30 March 2016 — Última modificación 31/03/2016 10:20
Climate Change Job Vacancies Update - 30 March 2016
Severe drought no longer caused just by nature — Última modificación 30/03/2016 08:38
Scientists at the University of Birmingham are calling on drought researchers and managers around the world to consider both human activity and natural phenomena in their battle to preserve increasingly scarce global water supplies.
How two degrees may turn into four — Última modificación 30/03/2016 08:36
The world has decided to adopt measures to prevent average global warming from exceeding the two-degree mark. But what does this mean for temperature and the distribution of heavy precipitation on a regional level? Climate researchers have now calculated this.
Thai, Vietnam rice prices gain steam as supply disruptions loom — Última modificación 30/03/2016 08:30
Business Line. New Delhi, 25 March 2016
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