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Vacancy: Two Senior University Lecturers at Lund University (Sweden)

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Two Senior University Lecturers in Ecosystem Science specialised in Modelling.

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Two Senior University Lecturers in Ecosystem Science specialised in Modelling
Lund University is one of Europe’s leading universities. Here, history and tradition lay the ground for the study and research environments of tomorrow. We offer education and research within engineering, science, law, social sciences, economics and management, humanities, theology, fine art, music and theatre. Through interaction with business and the community we ensure that knowledge and innovations benefit society. The University has 47 000 students and 6 300 staff from all over the world, based mainly in Lund, Malmö and Helsingborg. We work with 680 partner universities in more than 50 countries. Find more information on <>.
The Faculty of Science basic scientific research is carried out in the subject areas of biology, physics, chemistry, environmental science, geology, physical geography and ecosystem science, astronomy and theoretical physics, as well as mathematics and medical radiation physics. Also forming part of the faculty is the Centre for Environmental and Climate Research whose task it is to collect, strengthen and highlight education and research in the area of environment and climate.
The Department of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science today employs a staff numbering almost100 people of whom approximately 40 are doctoral students. Research is organised in research groups and is concerned with the areas of biogeophysics/biogeochemistry, ecosystem science, remote sensing, GIS, geomorphology and climatology. We study landscape- and ecosystem processes using laboratory studies under controlled conditions, field surveys and modelling. In the undergraduate area we offer two Bachelor’s degrees, “Physical Geography and Ecosystem Analysis” and “Meteorology and Biogeophysics” as well as five Master’s
programs – all with an international focus (
Basic facts regarding the position
Reference no: 2012/163
Closing date for applications: September 1, 2012
Date of appointment: As soon as possible
Placement: Department of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science
Trades unions at Lund University: OFR, SACO and SEKO
Information about the position: Department Chairman, Karin Hall, +46 (0)46-222 9579, <>, Director of Studies, Harry Lankreijer, +46 (0)46-222 4967, <>
Information about conditions of employment and the application process: Faculty Personnel Manager Gunilla Thylander, +46 (0)46 222 40 32, <>
Description of the position
The Department of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science requires two university lecturers whose main duties are to contribute to the implementation and further development of undergraduate courses, research and postgraduate education within the subject area of ecosystem science with a focus on modelling. Also inherent in the duties of the position is the fostering of interaction and co-operation between the various research areas within the department.
The positions chiefly entail teaching at undergraduate and graduate levels and research. The amount of time devoted to research depends on access to external research funds and the job content may change over time, as may the relative proportions of research and teaching.
The successful candidates are expected to develop active research within the subject area and related areas, which also includes active work in applying for external funding and developing collaborations with other university units and other governmental organizations, involved in this type of research.
Part of the position involves carrying out the active development of courses and course elements at both undergraduate and master’s level that are concerned with modelling as a method or where models and their results are used as teaching tools to illustrate ecosystems and ecosystem processes. An additional component of the position is co-operation with the surrounding community and the development and adaptation of courses taking due account of the needs of the community and students’ employability. The successful candidates will, in addition, contribute to teaching at undergraduate and graduate levels in the departments various teaching areas. Teaching at the undergraduate and master’s levels at the Department of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science is focused on interdisciplinary studies of the way in which climatic and environmental changes affect the function and composition of terrestrial ecosystems, and how these changes, in their turn, react upon climate and environment.
Carrying out research and supervising researchers at the Department of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science is also inherent in the duties of the positions, with the aim of complementing, strengthening and further developing the ongoing research within the subject area of ecosystem modelling. The focus of departmental research within the area of ecosystem modelling lies in the development and application of models primarily for terrestrial ecosystems, vegetation and biogeochemistry. Research comprises, among other things, studies of the effects of climatic and environmental changes on ecosystems and on biological diversity in different regions as well as studies to illustrate society’s possible responses to climate change in terms of adaptive and mitigation measures. The role of the biosphere in the climate system is also studied, where biogeochemical and biophysical feedback processes are investigated using Earth system models. A new specialization, still under development at the department, is concerned with the integration of so-called bottom-up and top-down ecosystem modelling used for the analysis of spatial and temporal variations in greenhouse gases.
A person qualified for appointment as a lecturer, except in disciplines in the fine, applied or performing arts, is according to the Swedish Higher Education Ordinance, an individual who has demonstrated teaching expertise and been awarded a PhD or has the corresponding scientific competence or some other professional expertise that is of value in view of the subject matter of the post and the duties that it will involve. Ordinance (2010:1064).
The two lecturers should have relevant, documented scientific and teaching skills from both research and undergraduate and postgraduate teaching within process-based modelling of terrestrial ecosystems, vegetation and biological diversity. Competence in both development and application of models within environment- and climate-related societal issues is desirable.
The appointee should have the demonstrated ability to develop and update undergraduate education.Today the scope of research and research education is strongly dependent on the individual researcher’s skill and ability to attract external funding. Consequently it is expected that the applicants demonstrate documented ability to attract research grants in the face of national and international competition.
In making the appointment, importance will be attached as to how the applicants, through documented skills and experience, can strengthen and supplement the department’s research and teaching in this field.
The assessment criteria for appointment as a lecturer, according to the Swedish Higher Education Ordinance, shall be the degree of the expertise required as a qualification for employment. As much attention shall be given to the assessment of teaching expertise as to the assessment of other qualifying criteria laid down in the first paragraph above. Each higher education institution itself determines what assessment criteria are otherwise to apply to the appointment of a lecturer. Ordinance (2010:1064).
Regulations for the evaluation of qualifications for teaching positions are given in Lund University’s Rules and regulations for academic appointments (<>) and in Lund University’s Strategic Plan, will also be taken into consideration <>
For example, candidates must have completed at least five weeks of training in higher education teaching and learning or acquired equivalent knowledge by other means.
The personal abilities to successfully fulfill the duties of the positions will also be taken into account when making the appointments. The University strives to achieve an even gender balance in this type of post.
It is expected that any non-Swedish speaking appointee within a three-year period will master the Swedish language well enough to allow her/him to teach and to communicate with the university administration.
Required content of the application
The Faculty Board has specified instructions for the application and its accompanying documents. These can be found at the Internet address:
<> Information can also be obtained upon request by e-mail or ordinary mail.

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