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Presentaion of the First webinar- Australia

Last modified March 23, 2022 08:04

As a part of the new initiative INSAm has started organizing  series of webinar on important areas of Agrometeorology. 

1.  First webinar under INSAM platform on “Livelihood Enhancement through Agroclimatic Risk and  Opportunity Management with Engagement Practices” was organised at 16.00 IST (4.00 pm) on 12th June. Dr. Samsul Huda, Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Science, Western Sydney University, Australia. The presentation of Dr. Huda outlined thoughts on scaling up and out of pilot outcomes to other communities in India, and beyond, that would have far-reaching benefits in contributing to enhanced livelihoods, reduced poverty, improved productivity and increased small-holder competitiveness.  Dr.Huda  demonstrated livelihood improvements through capture of excess rain water normally lost, and applied using climate -smart practices to diversify agricultural production and improve water use efficiency. He also discussed on Himalayan University Consortium, ICIMOD. Besides, discussion was made how International Society for Agricultural Meteorology (INSAM) and South Asia Forum on Agricultural Meteorology (SAFOAM) can help in capacity building of the mountain communities in relation to improving their livelihood through climate-smart agricultural practices (integrating crops and livestock)( Presentation of Dr. Huda)

Video Link of Webinar I 


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