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Presnetation of second webinar from Italy

Last modified March 23, 2022 08:06

As a part of the on-going activities of the International Society for Agricultural Meteorology (INSAM) webinar on “Activities on Agrometeorology in Italy: Research and Serviceswas organised  at 16.00 IST (4.00 pm) on 26thJune.  Three eminent scientists in the field of Agricultural Meteorology Dr. Francesca Ventura, University of Bologna, Italy, Dr. Federico Spanna, Piedmont Regional Agrometeorological Service, Italy & Dr. Chiara Epifani, The Council for Agricultural Research and Economics, Italy jointly delivered presentation on the above-mentioned subject. Participants from different countries attended the webinar.

At the outset Dr. Francesca nicely described the structure as well as the  different activities of the Italian Association of Agrometeorology followed by  activities on  university research particularly in respect of crop and weed physiology, soil water management and water balance, pathogens, plant phenology, crop growth models &environmental models. Also mentioned on University research in new and emerging topics like bioclimatic indices,climate change,  adaptation & mitigation strategies, weather extremes and risk management, use of medium and long-term (seasonal) forecasts, satellites data, precision irrigation, precision agriculture including university education.

Dr. Chiara in her presentation informed that Council for Agricultural Research and Analysis of Agricultural Economics (CREA) is the leading Italian research organization dedicated to the agri-food supply chains and operate as a legal entity under public law, and we are supervised by the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry (Mipaaf). According to her scientific activities of CREA cover agricultural crops, livestock, fishery, forestry, agro-industry, food science – and socio-economics.She talked about  more on CREA, and  Agrometeore project in Italy, The National Coordination Table in the Agrometeorology Sector and its aim,the agro-meteo-climatic indicators – how to choose, specific agrometeorological indices for crops.

Dr. Federico Spanna briefed about the actual main regulations involving agrometeorology under European Union for the development of  agriculture in all its modern aspects. He covered number of important issues like Integrate Crop Management (ICM),the actual main regulations regarding agrometeorology,  framework for community action to achieve the sustainable use of pesticides, national action plan on the sustainable use of pesticides, agrometeorology and climate change, contributions from agrometeorological services, services and decision support systems, technical and operational framework, estimation of climatic variables and bioclimatic indices, numerical weather forecasts, phytopatological models, biophysical models for estimation of climatic variables and simulation of Soil - Vegetation - Atmosphere processes, regional web services for bulletins dissemination.  ( Presentation Activities on Agrometeorology in Italy: Research and Services)

 Video Link of Webinar II 

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