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Last modified September 26, 2008 09:21

What's new. Here you will find hot items of interest that have recently come up

Biomass Nippon Strategy — Last modified June 20, 2006 08:15
On March 29, 2006, the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries released a comprehensive evaluation report to examine progress made to date with its policies under the Biomass Nippon Strategy, which promotes the nationwide use of biomass, during the base years of 2002 through 2005.
The Earth Is Turning Brown?! — Last modified May 31, 2006 14:15
An example of how kids can be taught about essential environmental items related to vegetation. Also very suitable for adult education classes.
Cadastral Surveys: addressing territorial disputes in Somaliland — Last modified May 15, 2006 10:20
John Drysdale describes how Natural Area Codes and a Geographic Information System (GIS) database are enabling farmers in Somaliland to gain legal title to their land.
Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries released that the isolation distance of genetically modified (GM) rice has been increased — Last modified April 19, 2006 21:12
On March 8, 2006 the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries released that the isolation distance of genetically modified (GM) rice has been increased to 30 meters from the 20 meters, required under the guidelines set up in February 2004, according to a draft revision of the guidelines of GM crops experiment released by the ministry on December 26, 2005.
Research on the Scientific Basis for Sustainability "Science on Sustainability 2006" — Last modified April 05, 2006 21:22
"Science on Sustainability 2006: Summary Edition" is a new 56 pages English language report - based on a longer report in Japanese - investigating the scientific status in seven fields relating to environmental sustainability (Climate change; energy; resources & waste; food, water & forests; biodiversity; valuation of nature; estimations of global environmental impact and capacity).
Ethanol supporters say they're encouraged by the results of a recent study refuting the notion that it takes more energy to produce ethanol than the corn-based fuel saves. — Last modified March 17, 2006 20:55
Scientists at the University of California-Berkeley say there's a 20 percent net energy gain by using fossil fuels to make ethanol compared to gasoline. Ethanol producers say the study should be enough to convince skeptics that cleaner-burning ethanol is good for both the environment and the economy.
Eco-Farmers Exceed 1,000 in Tokushima Prefecture — Last modified January 31, 2006 16:22
The number of farmers certified as "Eco-Farmers" - who practice environmentally friendly agriculture that employs fewer chemical fertilizers and other agrichemicals - has been increasing in Tokushima Prefecture. As of the end of October 2005, Eco-Farmers numbered 1,035, exceeding 1,000 in the six years since the certification system started in December 1999.
Sawmill Joint Venture to Have Large-Scale Power Generation from Woody Biomass — Last modified December 30, 2005 00:34
One of Japan's largest biomass power plants using only waste wood will be launched jointly by Mitsubishi Corp., a major trading company, and Chugoku Lumber Co., it was announced on August 2, 2005.
Neighborhood 'Satoyama' Woodland Greenery Distributed in Tokyo — Last modified December 16, 2005 22:25
A group in Tokyo calling itself the "Five Times Greener Project" ("Gobai Midori" in Japanese) is undertaking a campaign to bring natural vegetation characteristic of village "satoyama" woodlands to people living in the capital through its "One 'Tsubo' (3.3 square meters) of Woodland" campaign, which also aims to conserve these woodlands, formerly managed for firewood, etc., but now degrading due to neglect.
Japan for Sustainability — Last modified December 04, 2005 22:34
"Japan for Sustainability" ( ) sends a "Japan for Sustainability Digest (JFS Digest)" and an e-mail Newsletter free of charge to interested people on a weekly basis.
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