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1st european meeting on warm: a rice modelling experience

Last modified September 16, 2008 08:49

A special issue of the Italian Journal of Agrometeorology completely devoted to rice modelling has been published recently.

Italian J. Agrometeorology 11(3), October 2006
February 2, 2006 Ispra (VA, Italy)
Ed. Roberto Confalonieri
Preface to the special issue, Roberto Confalonieri
Comparison of WOFOST, CropSyst and WARM for simulating rice growth (Japonica type - short cycle varieties) Roberto Confalonieri, Davide Gusberti, Marco Acutis
Exploratory sensitivity analysis of CropSyst, WARM and WOFOST: a case-study with rice biomass simulations). Roberto Confalonieri, Marco Acutis, Gianni Bellocchi, Iacopo Cerrani, Stefano Tarantola, Marcello Donatelli, Giampiero Genovese
Optimization algorithms for calibrating cropping systems simulation models. A case study with simplex-derived methods integrated in the WARM simulation environment.
Marco Acutis, Roberto Confalonieri
Crop modelling and validation: integration of IRENE_DLL in the WARM environment Gianni Bellocchi, Roberto Confalonieri, Marcello Donatelli
Estimation of parameters describing morpho-physiological features of Mediterranean rice varieties for modelling purposes.
Mirco Boschetti, Stefano Bocchi, Daniela Stroppiana, Pietro Alessandro Brivio
Remotely sensed estimation of rice nitrogen concentration for forcing crop growth models. Daniela Stroppiana, Mirco Boschetti, Pietro Alessandro Brivio, Stefano Bocchi
SiRBInt, a new simulation model to forecast rice blast disease.
Massimo Biloni, Marinella Rodolfi, Anna Maria Picco
Paper abstracts can be read at the following link The special issue can be obtained in two ways:
1) becoming an individual member of Aiam (the Italian Agrometeorology Society) at the cost of 50 Euros per year, specifying that you are interested in 2006 issues of the Journal
2) subscribing to the Journal, at the cost of 60 Euros per year, again specifying that you are interested to start your subscription from year 2006
Individual papers (pdf) can be obtained at the cost of 25 Euros each.

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