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Agrometeorological Cereal Yield Forecasting in Morocco

Last modified July 21, 2014 11:12

Agrometeorological Cereal Yield Forecasting in Morocco, by Riad Balaghi, Mohammed Jlibene, Bernard Tychon and Herman Eerens, 2013. Published by Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique du Maroc, ISBN: 978-9954-0-6683-6. 157 pages.

The first impression is that of a "little book" with modest ambitions and scope: cereal yield forecasting in Morocco. But open it and start reading! You'll be surprised by the depth of the analyses and the way in which the authors resort to the full spectrum of agrometeorological knowledge, from the most traditional agroclimatic methods to current GIS and Remote sensing Tools. That book surprised me because it is a perfect illustration of what is meant by applied science: Not the semi-automatic application of standard recipes, but scientific knowledge guiding data exploration, from understanding mechanisms to making operational decisions. This is agrometeorology at its best, with lessons for all of us - and well beyond Morocco - .  A French language version is also available (La prédiction agrométéorologique des rendements céréaliers au Maroc).

Download a copy, or request it from the first author.


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