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An Africa-focused Natural Resources Management Textbook

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Managing Natural Resources for Development in Africa. Edited by: Washington Ochola, Pascal Sanginga, Isaac Bekalo.

This book provides an understanding of the various levels at which NRM issues occur and are being addressed scientifically, economically, socially and politically. The book's nine chapters present state-of-the-art perspectives within a holistic African context. The book systematically navigates the tricky landscape of integrated NRM, with special reference to Eastern and Southern Africa, against the backdrop of prevailing local, national, regional and global social, economic and environmental challenges. The authors' wide experience, the rich references made to emerging challenges and opportunities, and the presentation of different tools, principles, approaches, case studies and processes make the book a rich and valuable one-stop resource for postgraduate students, researchers, policymakers and NRM practitioners. The book is designed to help the reader grasp in-depth NRM perspectives and presents innovative guidance for research design and problem solving, including review questions, learning activities and recommended further reading.

Jointly Produced by: IIRR (The International Institute of Rural Reconstruction), IDRC (The International Development Research Centre), RUFORUM (The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture), and The University of Nairobi Press.

For more information, please contact Vivianne Ngugi (Vngugi@idrc.or.ke).

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