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Climate Change Impact and Adaptation in Agricultural Systems

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Edited by J Fuhrer, Agroscope Research Station, Zurich, Switzerland, P Gregory, University of Reading, UK. June 2014 / Hardback / 298 Pages / 9781780642895

The focus of this book is future global climate change and its implications for agricultural systems which are the main sources of agricultural goods and services provided to society. These systems are either based on crop or livestock production, or on combinations of the two, with characteristics that differ between regions and between levels of management intensity. In turn, they also differ in their sensitivity to projected future changes in climate, and improvements to increase climate-resilience need to be tailored to the specific needs of each system. The book will bring together a series of chapters that provide scientific insights to possible implications of projected climate changes for different important types of crop and livestock systems, and a discussion of options for adaptive and mitigative management.

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