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Krishi Abohawabiddaya (Agricultural meteorology)

Last modified November 08, 2010 10:02

M. H. Ali and M. G. M. Amin (2007). Krishi Abouhawabidda (Agricultural Meteorology), Bangali). Published by: Bangla Academy, Dhaka, Bangladesh, ISBN: 984-07-4586-7.

About the book:

Krishi Abohawabiddaya (Agricultural meteorology)


Table of contents:

  • Chapter 1. Introduction - General discussion
  • Chapter 2. Weather and Climate
  • Chapter 3. Measurement of Elements of Weather and Climate
  • Chapter 4. Solar and Earth Radiation
  • Chapter 5. Weather and Climate of Bangladesh
  • Chapter 6. Effect of Weather on Agriculture
  • Chapter 7. Climate Change and Crop Production
  • Chapter 8. Predicting Crop Production based on Weather variables

The book entitled “Krishi Abohawabiddaya (Agricultural meteorology)” was written for the undergraduate and post-graduate students of Meteorology, Agricultural Science, and Geography. In eight chapters, the book deals with general perspectives and fields of application of meteorological knowledge in agricultural science; definitions of and distinguishing features between weather and climate, factors affecting weather and climate, classification of climatic regions of the world; detailed description of weather variables – definition, measurement & expression, their seasonal, diurnal and geographic variations, and factors affecting their variation and measurement techniques; details of solar radiation - availability, expression, measurement/indirect estimation, interpretation and utility; features of weather and climate of Bangladesh; impact of climate of crop growth, development; impact of climate change (of each element) on crop production, reason of climate change (including details of green-house effect), possible steps to reduce the rate of climate change; and detailed procedures to predict crop production based on the weather data.

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