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Success Stories of the On-going Services of Agro-Meteorological Information Systems

Last modified December 21, 2020 11:10

Agriculture is a gamble  with  weather, which  is  most unpredictable in space  and  time. Economic activities in agriculture and allied sectors are highly influenced by weather phenomena. Crop yields, quality, protein content and other factors can be dramatically affected by the weather. Daily operational decisions such as analysing crop rotations and planting, timing field maintenance programmes, planning effective crop spraying or deciding when to harvest depend on having accurate and timely weather information. The Agro-meteorological Advisory Service (AAS) S) is a mechanism to apply relevant meteorological information to help the farmer make the most efficient use of natural resources, with the aim of improving agricultural production; both in quantity and quality. To be successful, the process of structural transformation in agriculture, which is well underway, requires accelerated and inclusive productivity growth, income convergence between those employed in agriculture and the rest of the economy, and farming methodsSome of the success stories from different parts of the world are linked below




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