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Farmer grows rice with waste water from house

Last modified March 30, 2016 08:46

Deccan Chronicle. Hyderabad, 28 March 2016

While insufficient rainfall and the summer heat are taking their toll in the district, there is one farmer who is standing apart from the rest by cultivating his 20-acre field with water that he conserved in a pit that he has built in his farm. Mr Dangidi Narsimha Reddy of Nidigonda in Raghunathapalli mandal is showing other farmers how such a pit can help in times of drought. He built the pit that is 30 feet deep, 80 feet wide and 160 feet long, in his agricultural land and diverted the water used by his house into it. The pit is about 15 metres away from the house, which itself is located on the outskirts of the village. He has also made arrangements to divert rainwater into the pit.

“I have 20 acres of land which was losing its productivity over the past few years due to lack of proper rain. I dug 10 borewells but all of them dried up. After we experienced poor rainfall, I decided to build this pit three months ago and connected it to the drainage system of my house so that the waste water is stored in it,” Mr Narsimha Reddy said. After Mr Narsimha Reddy saw some of his friends digging harvest pits in Siddipet, he decided to have one. One of the borewells on his field got recharged and his rice crop is healthy. Many farmers from the neighbouring villages are visiting Mr Narsimha Reddy to find out how the pit is coming handy for him. Mr Reddy has also installed a drip irrigation system and using it to water vegetables on a part of his land. “Since vegetables do not require much water, I made this arrangement. It is very important for us to save every drop of water for the future,” he said.

Source: Agriculture Today, AgriNews, <>

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