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INSAM homepage until March 2003

Last modified April 05, 2011 09:15

INSAM homepage until March 2003.

Somewhat later than we had hoped for, we can renew this home page by indicating that after one year of existence of our web site we are going to intensify the collection of material for our site through the nomination of additional vice-presidents.

The first two we have been allowed to announce are Dr. Paulo Caramori from Brazil, a country with now 50 INSAM members, and Dr. Byong Lyol Lee from the Republic of Korea. In our planning they will be assisted by INSAM correspondents for which purpose they will contact several colleagues from their regions and the many fields of agrometeorology there. Once somebody has contributed on a regular basis through one of the vice-presidents, we will ask these members to become an official correspondent, which names we will announce in regular updates on our page with official information on INSAM.

Under the founding vice-president and founding president we have already invited Dr. Vasiraju R.K. Murthy of India and Mr. Mohammad Rahimi from the Islamic Republic of Iran to be our first two correspondents, because of their many contributions already made. We call upon all members of INSAM to contribute on a more regular basis to our various topics or on new topics you bring up and this way to earn that position of INSAM correspondent under one of the vice-presidencies. Please always copy your contributions to the web site moderator and the president.

It has been suggested to us a few times, and again recently by Dr. Friesland in the membership campaign, that we should open a “marketplace” for questions and answers in applied and operational agrometeorology. We observe that the WMO/FAO Agromet-L mailing list standing e-mail conference already exists. Ours would be less of an immediate technical assistance but more of a discussion type on operational issues and questions, in which the original raising of the points and the replies would simultaneously remain accessible and open for discussion. A first issue with which we want to try this proposal out are the texts of the various sections that will become available in the rewrite of the Guide to Agricultural Meteorological Practices (GAMP) of WMO. The first two draft sections have just become available and we have made these accessible under this new “INSAM market place” topic. In the meantime please give us other ideas and examples for such a market place approach.

In our urge to obtain 100 founding memberships in the first year, we have not yet fully reached that number, but we came close. Corporate (founding) members and (ordinary) founding members together we have come to 81 now. Our founding member Dr. Baier took the initiative to sponsor a founding member from a developing country for whom the one time only 70 Euro would be too high a sum of money but who wanted to become a founding member of INSAM. This is a very kind initiative and only the name of the sponsor will be known, the name of the new member will just be taken up in the list. We urge all old and new ordinary members to envisage founding membership and all present founding members to contemplate the sponsoring of a founding membership from a developing country. Also a Department or an Institute or an Agrometeorological Committee from a developing country can become founding member, paying 70 Euro jointly, like PERHIMPI from Indonesia did. We want to use the money partly to have sorted out towards the end of this year the feasibility of establishing electronically the “International Journal of Operational Agrometeorology”. Please give us your opinion about this.

In the meantime, after two small e-mail campaigns, membership quickly rose from 280 to 380 by early April, from now 73 countries. From these rising numbers we expect rising contributions of material to our web site. We only exist and have added value for as much as we have participation from our members. Interaction between agrometeorologists and focused exchange of information in our fields of work is what INSAM wants to promote. We can only do this together.

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