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INSAM homepage until November 2002

Last modified April 05, 2011 09:17

INSAM homepage until November 2002.

The last part of the year 2002 was as busy as ever. Your web site moderator was in the USA to participate in events of the International Society for Biometeorology, while the vice-president and the president were participating in a WMO/CAgM Workshop on “Reducing Vulnerability of Agriculture and Forestry to Climate Variability and Climate Change” (see News and Highlights and the CAgM web site) and in the XIIIth Session of CAgM.

We observed how much is connecting us in agrometeorology but also how much we sometimes differ in outlook, priorities and possibilities in different parts of the world. This web site wants to address both, what connects us and where we differ, because only then can agrometeorology be carried out as fruitfully as possible. To that end we have to exchange as much information and opinion as possible. Openness, frankness and honesty in our arguments on agrometeorology and with respect to our interests in agrometeorology will clarify the debate. We need each other to make progress fast enough. Whom can I give the floor?

The vice-president and the president will meet again in December when giving keynote addresses at the Expert Group Meeting on Applications of Climate Forecasts for Agriculture for the Regional Association Africa of WMO, in Banjul, the Gambia. The introduction to the paper to be presented by the president of INSAM there can be found under the News item “What’s new”. It is on what shapes the conditions of our work in poorer countries. It is meant as another opening for debate.

At the end of this home page as it was till late November, we had promised to bring more news and less basic information
  1. if we would get a substantial number of members sufficiently fast

We are nearing 300 members and we have reached more than 60 countries within 8 months after establishing this web site!!

  1. if the intentions of INSAM had received your comments

We received quite some comments, particularly from those that decided to become founding members, now 75 in total, but also orally at several occasions where we spoke on INSAM and its reasons for being here. Please keep contacting us and make use of the opportunity still open to become a founding member (see the link to the letter initiating INSAM that we provide now under Society Information);

  1. if the different topics of the Web site had got your participation and a sufficient number of your contributions

Under “What’s new” we used to have a text on “Why become a member of INSAM” and “What do we expect from members of INSAM”, which you may now find under Statements and Announcements. Some of you understood us very well. If you go through the different pages of this site, you may be astonished on what we collected from all over the world, but it is still far below what was our intention. We therefore urge you to contribute material to the INSAM web site.

The INSAM Vision Statement is simple. Agrometeorologists and others having work with agrometeorological components from all over the world, from different sectors, institutes and institutions, should interact through the INSAM web site on their activities and results, to increase the role of agrometeorology.


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