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INSAM homepage until October 2003

Last modified April 05, 2011 09:15

INSAM homepage until October 2003.

Another half a year has gone by and INSAM membership has gone up steadily. We are nearing the 500 members, at this moment of 80 different countries. This greatly satisfies us. The comments we receive at various occasions from individual members on the contents of the web site are very positive, without exception. Again a reason to be content. However, that is how far our wishes were met.

If we look at contributions to the material, information and discussions that can be reached through the web site, they come from a handful of people or are incidentally picked up on the road through the fields of agrometeorology by those most directly involved in running INSAM. This is not what was in our mind when we established INSAM.

We have no insight in how INSAM contributes to new contacts between agrometeorologists all over the world. Neither do we have much knowledge on how and how frequent our material is actually used. But the absence of more abundant feed back worries us. It is even a reason to postpone our embarkation on investigating the feasibility of an electronic journal on operational agrometeorology. If the number of contributions in material and information that is of importance in agrometeorology and on small operational items as well as in discussions is already that little, we cannot expect to regularly enough fill a journal in that direction.

We are afraid that this ailment of the lack of “active” participation by members, that as such have shown sufficient “passive” interest in the contents of the INSAM web site, is due to the very modest role that really operational agrometeorology plays. In the diagnostic analysis of that ailment that you find at several places on the web site, it was concluded that there is a very large amount of agrometeorological basic science and other supportive information available. But the active use of that agrometeorological knowledge for, with and by the enormous number of very different farmer communities and farming systems in this world appears to have insufficient glamour.

This may have two sides. There may be insufficient attraction of/in the very often very local on-farm field applications of agrometeorology. There also may be insufficient incentives to report on such applications, because of the lack of glamour. We even do not know which of these reasons for your silence is the most important one! Or whether there are other unknown reasons!

We feel that our web site is the right place to try to sort this out. However, you must assist us in these matters. There are various ways to solve this deadlock.

Firstly, we are not asking only for eye-catching contributions. On the contrary, short comments on every day successes, failures and problems of operational applications of agrometeorology anywhere in the world are equally welcome. We want to be a medium of your communication with each other in front of a larger audience that chose to visit our web site.

Secondly, we would like to hear about potential operational applications that you think exist, but that do not materialize, with a short discussion/suggestion on why that could be so or a request to others to find the reasons.

Thirdly, the struggle to increase the applicability of agrometeorology as a science in the domain of the livelihood of farmers we would very much like to understand much better. What are the bottlenecks within agrometeorology and outside agrometeorology? Can we face them?

Or is there no such struggle and are we most often just interested in playing our games in the domain of potential support systems, to leave it to hardly existing others to make farmers and other decision makers benefit more?

Let us know about your pressing problems. Under all of the topics available at the web site or under new topics, depending on your choice. If you want, we make the choice for you of the topic where your contributions belong. But give us feed back. Give us support to regularly increase and improve the available material and information on the web site and to understand the problems of operational agrometeorology. We want to advance along those lines. Your INSAM was meant for that!!

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