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INSAM homepage until september 2005

Last modified September 09, 2005 13:51

INSAM homepage until september 2005

Our website exists for three years now and INSAM has already around 650 members, while the site receives at the moment 80 till 90 visits a day. Not a bad result at all. However, for example only the Agrometeorological Society of Japan has more than 1000 members. There are thousands of agrometeorologists in China. We have only one member from Russia and a relatively small number of francophone members, and we have only a few members from some parts of the Arab world. Language appears to remain a major handicap for communication on agrometeorology.

Discussing this at a recent meeting of the Management Group of CAgM, it was suggested that we could perhaps have some material translated into major languages. Notably our flyer "INSAM, a market place on the web for agrometeorologists" (available under "Society Information") and the texts of the previous two home pages (available on the "Agromet Market Place", see below) and this one. This would improve accessibility to our material, also the English material, and increase membership. It would also expand the possibilities of actual participation in the ongoing contest on best examples of agrometeorological services, on which more below.

We therefore call on our members and other readers of this home page to volunteer for translating the INSAM "flyer" and home page texts at least into Arabic, Chinese, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. Other major languages are welcome as well. WMO has offered to proof read texts that are proposed to us. As soon as we have any final text available in any other language than English, we will make it accessible via the home page. If you want indeed to help us to become in this way even better accessible and more influential than we are now, please contact the web site moderator, Dr. Federica Rossi, at, on your plans to participate in the translations. Many thanks in advance!!

The results of the second period of the contest on best examples of agrometeorological services were identical to those of the first one. No submissions. While we are trying to keep these earlier rounds open, by having their texts available on the "Agromet Market Place" (dated 10/1/'05 and 12/4/'05 respectively) and have them translated, we now launch the third and last round of the contest, which will last till July 31st. To the earlier requests we now add the solicitation for examples of operational agrometeorological services and information developed for government and/or private organizations, and applied successfully for the benefits of agricultural production, its farmers or the public at large.

Governmental organizations and other non-farming actors in agricultural production are making use of agrometeorological services and advisories of all kinds. We believe that these services benefit the production environment through better designs of protection measures, other preparedness strategies, prize and market systems, policies, etc. We would now like to get an inventory of services provided commercially or otherwise to government agencies and other policy- and decision-makers, and how they are actually used operationally. In addition to what we were asking for in the first two rounds. The launching of this contest, prizes and the protocol to be filled for each example are given under "Agromet Market Place" (dated 15/10/'04). Please follow our indications for your participation.

The note "Beyond better funding for agrometeorological research" (Agromet Market Place, dated 29/11/'04) was sent on behalf of INSAM to the Secretary General of WMO, with the proposal to join us to be a medium "to communicate what works to neighbors". We urged WMO to play a role like WHO is expected to do in the health sector. That is, to coordinate communication of what was learned to the international community at large (the way this was done by WHO during the SARS crisis for example). His reply shows progress on that road. In the recent Management Group meeting of CAgM there was even more progress made into that direction. Over the past months we have received and posted on our site several examples of "what worked" in disaster preparedness and mitigation of consequences of disasters. We call on our members and other readers, that are would be members, to send us more of such examples. Without your help, participation and membership we cannot keep the INSAM web site the market place it wants to be!

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