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Agrometeorology and Sustainable Development

Last modified December 04, 2005 20:28

Agrometeorology and Sustainable Development

The audience listening to Kees Stigter and Kees Stigter listening to questions from the audience.

On the invitation of the Agricultural and Natural Resources Research Center of Golestan Province and the Golestan Provincial Meteorological Office of the Islamic Republic of Iran Meteorological Office (IRIMO), Prof. Kees Stigter (Agromet Vision) gave lectures at a Workshop "Agrometeorology and Sustainable Development" . The Workshop was held at the Gorgan University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources. Between 70 and 80 scientists from various fields participated in the three days Workshop and adopted  25 "Conclusions and Recommendations" at the end of the third day. Details are given below. [Dr. Mohammad E. Asadi, Head of Department of Agricultural Engineering Research (Golestan Province), Chairman of the Organizing Committee]

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