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How can Africa feed itself: two views

Last modified June 16, 2010 17:00

LEISA Magazine 25 (3), p. 4.

Of the over one billion undernourished people in the world today, 265 million live in sub-Saharan
Africa. Three-quarters of the hungry live in rural areas and include farming families. A significant
number of African countries depend on basic food imports to meet their consumption needs.
However, not everyone can afford to buy food, and the recent food-price hikes deepened this
problem even more. In fact, just over half of the sub-Saharan population lives on less than US$1.25
per day, which will not go far to meet all their livelihood needs.
Food sovereignty is based on the idea that people have the right to choose what to produce
and what to eat. But how to translate this into good policy priorities and practices is not simple.
On this page, two women professionals working towards improving African food and agriculture
programmes provide their views on necessary priorities.

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