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It will contain information pertaining to old site

Archives — Última modificación 13/12/2020 15:56
INSAM Archives (from the old site)
Two views — Última modificación 05/10/2009 12:05
Examples on diverging views on agriculture. Do you have examples on diverging views on agriculture, please send them to us. Kees Stigter, INSAM (cjstigter@usa.net)
"Hands on" Training for Response Farming — Última modificación 16/09/2008 08:41
Here you can find "Hands on" Training for Response Farming
Selected Bibliography — Última modificación 16/09/2008 08:42
Since 2006 the Web Editor is collecting important recent publications in agrometeorology to assist you in staying informed in your fields of work
Agrometeorological Societies & Committees — Última modificación 16/09/2008 08:42
Here we list such organizations, wherever they function, with contact persons and addresses. [Send proposals for entries to the Web Editor.]
Corporate Founding Members — Última modificación 26/11/2020 05:45
Corporate Founding Members of INSAM Society. Instrument manufacturers and Organizations
Accounts of Operational Agrometeorology — Última modificación 16/09/2008 08:45
Here we publish short accounts on successful operational applications and services in agrometeorology (public (e.g. NMHSs) and private), as well as on action support systems (data, research, policies, extension), that are suitable for further dissemination, or on publications that are holding such accounts. [Discuss items for this section with the President or the Vice-president.]
Needs for agrometeorological solutions to farming problems — Última modificación 25/08/2008 11:25
Here we have discussions on problems for which operational solutions with agrometeorological components are highly required, but not yet or incompletely available, or available but not applied. Here pre-publication information may be exchanged and experiences swapped on possible services, research, training/extension and policies related to food security, on-farm and market related. [Discuss items for this section with the President or the Vice-president.]
National periodicals of interest to agrometeorologists — Última modificación 16/09/2008 08:47
Assisted by valuable searching of agrometeorologists from the countries concerned we have collected under “National periodicals of interest to agrometeorologists” valuable information on periodicals that will also appear in 2008 in an Appendix of the WMO/CAgM Guide to Agricultural Meteorological Practices (GAMP). Additions for countries not yet occurring may be sent to the President or the Web Editor.
New information for agrometeorologists — Última modificación 16/09/2008 09:01
Under "New information for agrometeorologists" we mention relevant new web sites (before they become only routine links), data bases, software, CDs, trends, issues and other information in agrometeorology [Send items for inclusion to the Web Editor.]
Environment and Sustainability — Última modificación 01/12/2008 10:01
Under "Environment and Sustainability" you can find ......
Software Tools useful in Agrometeorology — Última modificación 16/09/2008 09:01
“Software Tools useful in Agrometeorology” introduces you to helpful software available to agrometeorologists
INSAM homepage texts from 2002 onwards (also in Spanish and some in Farsi) — Última modificación 04/04/2011 12:25
This topic reproduce the home pages that were written since 2002 by the President.
Suggestions for further subjects in agrometeorology — Última modificación 16/09/2008 09:10
Under “Suggestions for further subjects in agrometeorology” that should have a section on this Web site, we want to list suggestions from members for discussion on their inclusion. The discussions could include priority setting in the development of agrometeorological services supporting action, agrometeorological action support systems on mitigating impacts of disasters, and their overall support systems (data, research, education/training/extension, policies) [Send proposals to the President or the Vice-president.]
Climate change, causes and impacts — Última modificación 01/12/2011 09:19
Climate change, causes and impacts.
Educational Aspects of Agrometeorology — Última modificación 30/11/2009 10:58
Educational Aspects of Agrometeorology.
Meetings, Congresses, Conferences & Training — Última modificación 16/09/2008 08:33
Meetings, Congresses, Conferences & Training. Here information is provided on such forthcoming events. This may include courses that are given annually and they should be announced annually
What's new — Última modificación 16/09/2008 08:32
What's new. Here you will find hot items of interest that have recently come up
News & Highlights — Última modificación 23/11/2020 14:55
News & Highlights. Here you can submit information on agrometeorological issues, happenings and other news in agrometeorology. [Send items you might have to the Web Editor.]
Vacancies — Última modificación 23/11/2020 14:53
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