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Tea cultivation may shift to higher altitudes

Última modificación 15/04/2016 13:58

Tea cultivation may shift to higher altitudes

Rising temperatures due to climate change will take its toll on tea production in Assam with Tea Research Association (TRA) fearing that cultivation will shift to higher altitudes. According to preliminary findings of a study titled ‘The Impact of Climate Change on Tea Growing Regions of Assam, India’, the predicted probability distribution of tea shows that by 2050 the suitability of tea growing regions in Assam will reduce drastically  Tea production could shift towards comparatively higher and cooler altitude areas, the study has found. “The initial findings also identify new major opportunities for the industry such as new areas for tea cultivation due to shift in suitability of growing regions,” said RM Bhagat, Deputy Director of TRA, Tocklai. Preliminary findings indicate that the South bank region, parts of Upper Assam and Cachar are suitable regions, whereas the North bank region was comparatively less suitable.

Source: Agriculture Today, AgriNews, <sanjay.km15@gmail.com>

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