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Environment and Sustainability

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Under "Environment and Sustainability" you can find ....

Maharashtra drought situation turns grim — Última modificación 04/04/2016 11:34
Business Line. Mumbai, 03 April 2016
Mixing crops with livestock could make climate-adaptation cheaper — Última modificación 30/03/2016 08:38
On a global scale, mixing crops with livestock-production systems can substantially reduce climate-adaptation costs, and slow down deforestation by lowering agricultural land requirements. That's according to a team from Austria and Germany, who says that livestock production – the world's largest user of land and biomass – is an important risk-management strategy for vulnerable communities, but its adaptation options are still under-examined.
A new study puts temperature increases caused by CO2 emissions on the map — Última modificación 30/03/2016 08:34
Concordia research findings can be used to show the impact of human activity on local climate.
New pesticides approved for tea gardens — Última modificación 07/03/2016 09:52
The Assam Tribune. Guwahati, 05 March 2016
Cheap agriculture loans to cushion impact of weather shocks, droughts — Última modificación 07/03/2016 09:44
Hindustan Times. New Delhi, 02 March 2016
Opt for crop insurance scheme: PM to farmers — Última modificación 02/03/2016 09:12
The Tribune. Bengaluru, 29 February 2016
Study reveals your nitrogen footprint – and who it is impacting — Última modificación 22/02/2016 08:27
You’ve heard of managing your carbon footprint. But how about your nitrogen footprint? Emissions of reactive nitrogen into the environment have increased more than 10-fold over the past 150 years, contribute to deaths from air pollution and water pollution, and have countless other impacts including acid rain and degradation of ecosystems such as the Great Barrier Reef.
Subfield profitability analysis reveals an economic case for cropland diversification — Última modificación 17/02/2016 13:29
E Brandes,GS McNunn, LASchulte, I J Bonner, DJ Muth, BABabcock, B Sharma and EAHeaton.
One crop, two ways, multiple benefits — Última modificación 17/02/2016 08:48
Nitrogen fixation is one of the best examples of cooperation in nature. Soil microbes – naturally occurring bacteria in the soil – work with plants to pull nitrogen from the air. They turn the nitrogen into a form the plant is able to use. In return, the plant lets the microbes eat some of the sugars it makes.
Tree rings reveal growing synchrony — Última modificación 12/02/2016 09:27
Conifers in Spain and Siberia are growing more in synch as climate changes. That's according to researchers from Spain and Russia, who analysed tree ring-widths for the last 120 years.
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