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New information for agrometeorologists

Last modified September 26, 2008 08:27

Under "New information for agrometeorologists" we mention relevant new web sites (before they become only routine links), data bases, software, CDs, trends, issues and other information in agrometeorology [Send items for inclusion to the Web Editor.]

International Forum Urges Adoption of Climate-Smart Agriculture, Agro-Ecology — Last modified February 26, 2015 15:03
Speaking at the International Forum on Agriculture and Climate Change, which was organized by the Government of France as the first in a series of events leading up to the December 2015 climate change conference, José Graziano da Silva, Director-General of Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO), urged a “paradigm shift” in agriculture.
Understanding the drought impact of El Niño on the global agricultural areas — Last modified February 11, 2015 16:38
During El Niño episodes the normal patterns of tropical precipitation and atmospheric circulation become disrupted and trigger extreme climate events around the globe: droughts, floods and more frequent and stronger cyclones. By Oscar Rojas (FAO)
Why Should We Think About Soil Moisture? — Last modified February 04, 2015 09:46
Published on Tuesday, 03 February 2015 12:08. Liza Brazil.
An entire village shuns using chemicals for growing crops — Last modified January 26, 2015 09:06
The Hindu. New Delhi, 22 January 2015
Nitrogen meeting offsets its own emissions — Last modified January 19, 2015 08:49
The idea of a carbon footprint is now a common one and international environmental conferences will often strive to be carbon neutral by asking delegates to make a donation towards offsetting their carbon footprint.
Will the gold boom lead to a rainforest bust? — Last modified January 19, 2015 08:48
The global economic crisis has seen the price of gold soar as investors seek a relatively safe haven. While this may be good news for gold miners, it’s bad for tropical rainforest – the rates of deforestation in South America due to gold extraction have risen significantly since 2007.
Dirty pool: Soil's large carbon stores could be freed by increased CO2, plant growth (Nature Climate Change) — Last modified January 12, 2015 09:06
An increase in human-made carbon dioxide in the atmosphere could initiate a chain reaction between plants and microorganisms that would unsettle one of the largest carbon reservoirs on the planet – soil.
Peat fires – a legacy of carbon up in smoke — Last modified January 12, 2015 09:05
It reads like a movie script – ash falling from the sky, thick smoke shutting down airports and businesses, road closures trapping remote northern villages. But this is not from a script; rather, it is study involving the University of Leicester of what could happen through peat burning.
Emitters and their grandchildren will benefit from greenhouse-gas cuts — Last modified December 09, 2014 10:00
Contrary to popular belief, it takes just 10 years for the maximum greenhouse warming from a particular emission of carbon dioxide to take hold. As a result, a carbon emitter who cuts down or stops their output could benefit themselves rather than helping only their grandchildren.
IU biologists collaborate to refine climate change modeling tools — Last modified December 04, 2014 11:44
A new climate change modeling tool developed by scientists at Indiana University, Princeton University and the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration finds that carbon dioxide removal from the atmosphere owing to greater plant growth from rising CO2 levels will be partially offset by changes in the activity of soil microbes that derive their energy from plant root growth.
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