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Working Groups in operation (old)

Last modified May 23, 2011 09:07

Here we give information on Working Groups in Agrometeorology or related subjects, their actual subjects, their (short) history and their contact person(s) (and contact language), that are functioning anywhere in the world. [Send items for inclusion to the Web Editor.]

The Commission for Agricultural Meteorology has kept in its last session in New Delhi (October/November 2006) three Open Programme Area Groups (OPAGs), each with a new ICT (Implementation and Coordination Team) and two new ETs (Expert Teams). They replace the former system with such OPAGs, ICTs and ETs. They will be confirmed by WMO Congress in May 2007 and their preliminary membership was determined. These Groups (ICTs and ETs) are open for participation of all agrometeorologists through CAgM Member countries (National Weather Services).

OPAG 1 is on “Agrometeorological Services for Agricultural Production”

With an ICT for Agrometeorological Services (ICAS)

And ETs for

  • Content and Use of Agrometeorological Products by Farmers and Extension Services (ETCUAP)
  • Agrometeorological Aspects of Sustainable Agricultural Development (ETASAD)

OPAG 2 is on “Support Systems for Agrometeorological Services”

With an ICT on the same

And ETs for

  • Collection and Evaluation of Operational Agrometeorological Tools and Methodologies (ETATM)
  • Communication of Agrometeorological Products and Services (ETCAPS)

OPAG 3 is on “Climate Change/Variability and Natural Disasters in Agriculture”

With an ICT on the same

And ETs for

  • Climate Risks in Vulnerable Areas: Agrometeorological Monitoring and Coping Strategies (ETCRAM)
  • Drought and Extreme Temperatures: Preparedness and Management for Sustainable Agriculture, Rangelands, Forestry and Fisheries (ETDRET)

Details on the Terms of Reference of these OPAGs, ICTs and ETs may be found on the web site of the Agricultural Meteorological Programme under the Commission for Agricultural Meteorology, where also all official documents may be perused. Present membership can be found there as well.

Of those in charge of INSAM, Federica Rossi became Chair of OPAG 2 and this way a member of the new CAgM Management Group while Kees Stigter was renominated in the Management Group of CAgM, of which he is a member since 1986, as a special “Coordinator for Policy Support in Capacity Building”.

If you would be interested in participating in any of these teams, please contact either Dr. Sivakumar in Geneva ( or the Agricultural Meteorology Programme ( or the member of CAgM in your country. His/her name may always be obtained from your National Weather Services.


Working Groups in operation for rewriting the WMO/CAgM Guide to Agricultural Meteorological Practices (GAMP), WMO No. 134, are open Working Groups that can be joined any moment by contacting

World AgroMeteorological Information Service WAMIS is a dedicated web server to make agrometeorological bulletins and advisories issued by WMO Members available to the global agricultural community and to provide training modules to aid Members in improving their agrometeorological products. An italian mirror site is available.

Open Programme Area Groups (OPAGs).

The Commission for Agricultural Meteorology has established in its last session in Ljubljana (October 2002) three Open Programme Area Groups (OPAGs), each with an ICT (Implementation and Coordination Team) and two or three ETs (Expert Teams).

Joint Working Group on Applied Agricultural Meteorology.

AGMET was founded in Ireland in 1984. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in the subject. The main activities are:

  • the provision of support of agro-meteorology for professionals working in Ireland,
  • the publication of books about agriculture and the weather,
  • holding conferences on agro-meteorology,
  • the development of agro-meteorology education in Ireland,
  • interaction with other organisations.

The publications and conferences of Agmet are designed to bring the existing knowledge of agricultural meteorology to a wider audience.

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