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Address by the President Dr. N. Chattopadhyay

Last modified October 07, 2021 06:47

Dear friends,

As a part of the on-going activities of the International Society for Agricultural Meteorology (INSAM), kindly find below some of the activities of the society from February, 2021 onwards, 

 1. Executive Council meeting of International Society for Agricultural Meteorology’ (INSAM) was organised on 21st February 2021 at 1600 Hrs. It discussed on 1.Enrichment of static and dynamic information, 2.Regional Agromet Advisory Service Bulletins, 3.Prospects of agriculture in different regions under different climatic conditions, 4.Arrangement of Webinar on topics of interest, 5.Merging of the Global Federation of Agromeorological Society (GFAMS) with INSAM, 6.Approach to donor agency for funding and mechanism for accepting funding, 7.Establish a physical office but working virtually, 8.Arrangement of virtual workshop/seminar, 9.Publication of Newsletter/Journal.10.Establishment linkage between INSAM and National Agromet Association, 11. Membership, 12. Languages for communication through INSAM website and others.

It has been decided in the meeting that we need to go step by step to achieve our target/goals. First and foremost, we need to smarter our face to the global agromet  community and global user community. In order to implement the ideas discussed so far, there is need to develop the concept of division of labour and diversification activities by inviting the old and experience persons and the new and energetic persons under the INAAM umbrella. It is required to revisit the membership list and then request the members to assist the on-going and proposed activities also form the task team. As funding is required to operate any system, specific work schedule and mechanism may be prepared how to operate fund, open bank account, understand foreign exchane regulations etc.

Access to the recording of Executive Meeting of the Council:

As a part of webinar series, It is proposed to organise a webinar on the Remembrances of Kees Stigter, Founding President of International Society for Agricultural Meteorology on 17th October, 2021. Cornelis Johan Kees Stigter was the Founding President of the International Society for Agricultural Meteorology (INSAM) since 2001 and dedicated his life to the development of different facets of agrometeorology. Entire agromet community and global users of agromet information are inspired by the vision of Kees for helping the farmers under the scenario of food security, climatic variability and climate change. Executive Council of INSAM feels that organisation of webinar on important areas, where Kees took active initiative i.e., Education, Training & Research & Services, may be organised to further remember the contributions of Kees as well as inform the agromet community about new dimensions of these thrust areas of agrometeorology. Four eminent agrometeorologists across the world have been invited to speak on this occasion.

Title: Webinar on the Remembrances of Kees Stigter, Founding President of International Society for Agricultural Meteorology

Sunday, 17 October 2021 2:00 - 5:00 pm (14.00 IST- 17.00 IST)

Program Details

Video call link:

I. The first webinar of INSAM on “Livelihood Enhancement through Agroclimatic Risk and Opportunity Management with Engagement Practices” was organised on 12th June, 2021. Distinguished speaker of the webinar was Dr. A.K.S. Huda, School of Science, Western Sydney University, Australia. The presentation of Dr. Huda included outcomes and a path forward building upon on his recent work on two successful pilot projects undertaken in India by the research team in West Bengal and Tamil Nadu. This work was built on our previously successful project “Capturing the benefits of seasonal climate forecasts in agricultural management” The presentation outlined his thoughts on scaling up and out of pilot outcomes to other communities in India, and beyond, that would have far-reaching benefits in contributing to enhanced livelihoods, reduced poverty, improved productivity and increased small-holder competitiveness. 


II. The second webinar of INSAM on “Activities on Agrometeorology in Italy: Research and Services” was organised on 26th June, 2021.  Three eminent Agrometeorologists from Italy Dr. Francesca Ventura, University of Bologna, Mr. Federico Spanna, Piedmont Regional Agrometeorological Service and Ms. Chiara Epifani, CREA were the speakers in this occasion. The webinar has given an overview of the situation of agrometeorology in Italy, talking about teaching and research in universities, research at national and regional level and the transfer of new knowledge to technicians and farmers. An overview of the main research themes, traditional and innovative, and of the existing operational services were also presented.

 Webinar II-

Minutes of the first executive council meeting

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