Editorial Policy

At Agrometeorology.org, our editorial policy is designed to guide the creation, verification, and distribution of our content, ensuring it aligns with our mission to make agrometeorological information accessible and useful to a broad audience. This policy applies to all types of content published on our platform, including articles, guides, tool reviews, and user-generated content.

Content Integrity and Accuracy

Research and Sources

Our content is based on credible sources such as peer-reviewed research, reputable news outlets, and interviews with experts in agrometeorology and related fields. All factual information must be corroborated by at least two reliable sources before publication.

Expert Review

Content that contains technical information undergoes a review by subject matter experts, including meteorologists, agronomists, and horticulturists, to ensure factual accuracy and relevance.


We clearly cite all sources and provide references or links where applicable. Our readers should always be able to trace the origin of the information presented and assess its validity.

Editorial Independence

Agrometeorology.org maintains complete editorial independence in all its content. While we may accept funding from sponsors, we clearly distinguish sponsored content from our editorial content. Sponsors have no influence over the content of articles, guides, or any other editorial material that is not explicitly sponsored.

Corrections and Updates

Commitment to Accuracy

We strive for accuracy in all published content. However, when errors occur, we are committed to making timely corrections. Corrections will be clearly marked, and updated articles will include a note specifying the nature of the update and the date it was made.

Feedback Mechanism

Readers are encouraged to report potential inaccuracies or outdated content by contacting our editorial team. We review all feedback promptly and take necessary actions to address valid concerns.

User-Generated Content

We encourage and welcome contributions from our community. All user-generated content is reviewed to ensure it meets our standards for accuracy and appropriateness before publication. Contributors must adhere to our guidelines, which prohibit offensive, inaccurate, or promotional content.

Review and Revisions

This Editorial Policy is reviewed annually by our editorial board to ensure it remains current and comprehensive. Any amendments to this policy will be made public and will reflect evolving standards and practices in content creation and distribution.

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